Decorating Tips From Designer Podcasts

Decorating Tips From Designer Podcasts

Looking for a cost-effective solution to improve your home cozier and more appealing without paying an interior designer? Simply plug in your headphones and listen to these fantastic interior design podcasts.

You may be wondering how an audio platform might assist you in determining the finest visual options for your house. You don’t have to be concerned. These podcasts feature guests from the worlds of design, styling, and architecture, and are hosted by some of the industry’s biggest personalities. They impart their knowledge in an approachable manner that will not only broaden your understanding of home decor but also assist you in styling your home to match your vision. Who better to know what’s best for your home than you? Continue to listen.

The G4H hosts discuss their work, inspiration, and personal lives, as well as many areas of interior design.

The Ballard Designs team’s podcast brings together leading designers to discuss, well, ‘how to decorate.’ There are over 195 episodes available for new listeners, including designers Melanie Turner, Clinton Smith, Katharine Earnhardt, Sherrell Neal, Jean Liu, and Lindsay Atapattu, to mention a few. They discuss their work, motivation, and personal lives, as well as many areas of interior design.

You will receive clear, succinct, and useful information that will enable you to improve the interior appearance of your home. What is the difference between a hot and a chilly kitchen? How do you create a home palette that isn’t too matchy-matchy? What is the difference between New York and New England design and architecture? What are the best ways to hang and frame art? Where can you find great art at a reasonable price? Is it necessary for fabric colours and wood finishes to match in a room? Throughout the series, many of these and other questions are addressed.

It’s All About the Look

Style Matters, which debuted in 2014, has over 240 episodes that cover all you need to know about how to style your house. Tiffany Brown, Sean Scherer, and Katharine Earnhardt are among the designers, bloggers, craftsmen, tastemakers, and stylists interviewed on the podcast, which is hosted by friends Karen June Grant and Zandra Zuraw.

They not only bring personal interior design lessons to the table, but also a deep dive into creativity to help you come up with the greatest ideas for making your home appear beautiful.

The Lounge on the Chaise

The Chaise Lounge is about more than just sprucing up the decor. This is one of the few podcasts that also discusses interior design as a company. Successful interior designers, primarily from the United States, discuss how they broke into the industry and made it profitable. It has been on the air since 2014 and provides advice to both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

You’ll be able to learn from people like Keita Turner of Keita Turner Design, Anne Carr of Anne Carr Designs, and lawyer turned designer Christian Daw of Christian Daw Design, among others. Nick May hosts the show, which is regarded as a master class in interior design.

The Chaise Lounge also hosts a podcast for interior design students. The Student Lounge is maintained exclusively by students and hosted by Trish Semmoum, a Georgia Southern University interior design student. This one is all about matching students with the proper designers, answering their questions, and advising them on career options.

There’s a Podcast for Young House Love.

The podcast is hosted by John and Sherry Petersik, a husband-and-wife duo who started providing interior design suggestions on their blog of the same name roughly 14 years ago. The duo not only offers details about their renovation projects, but they also conduct interviews with well-known designers and bloggers who discuss the latest trends in the world of design.

Listeners can binge on more than 50 episodes and learn about a variety of DIY projects for their home. Aside from being packed with knowledge, the couple’s chats are also lighthearted. You can find photos, information, and links on the Podcast Show Notes page after you’ve finished listening to an episode. Every Monday, a new episode is released.

If you enjoy reading, you should know that John and Sherry have two New York Times bestsellers under their belts: Young House Love and Lovable Livable Home.

Interior Design at a Reasonable Price

The podcast educates you on little-known facts about home decor and protects you from hidden charges. (Photo courtesy of Affordable Interior Design)
This one is for those who wish to give their homes a facelift without burning a hole in their money, as the name implies. The podcast, hosted by Betsy Helmuth, a New York-based interior designer, educates you on lesser-known home decor facts and saves you money. It also includes interviews with interior designers Devin Kulka, Libby Rothschild, and Matthew Gunselman, who share their knowledge and discuss various facets of the industry.

Budgeting, layout optimization, and color palettes are some of the topics Helmuth brings up for discussion. The general goal is to teach listeners how to save money while getting the same result that they would otherwise have to pay twice as much for.

The Files of Style

Tune in for enlightening and interesting discussions about all elements of interior design. (Photo credit: Paloma Contreras)
The Style Files draws their name from Paloma Contreras’ ‘La Dolce Vita’ blog section. Contreras, a well-known interior designer and tastemaker, interviews industry heavyweights like Bunny Williams, Mark Sikes, Timothy Corrigan, Robert Rufino, Lauren Liess, Sheila Bridges, Charlotte Moss, and the designer pair Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen for the podcast.

The podcast debuted in the first months of 2020 and has quickly grown in popularity. The intelligent discussions are both fun and educational for listeners interested in learning more about the interior design industry in all of its facets.

The Fantastical Indoors

Each episode of this podcast, which airs once or twice a month, shows you how to transform a costly structure into a cozy location you can call ‘home sweet home.’

Sophie Robinson, a TV presenter and designer, teams up with author and journalist Kate Watson Smyth to engage listeners in enlightening conversations about the concept of home and what kind of interiors important. You’ll also learn about the most recent design trends and determine whether they suit your preferences.

The Great Indoors bills itself as the “first professional interiors podcast” in the United Kingdom.

Lauren Keenan is at home.

Keenan, an Australian interior designer, believes that everyone deserves to live in a home they love. This podcast offers advice, hints, and suggestions for constructing the ideal house and lifestyle. Design icons like Jamie Durie, Amanda Talbot, and Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross are featured in episodes of the podcast, and their expertise adds a tremendous layer to the show and expands your understanding of interiors.

It was Australia’s first interior design podcast, and it won the first Australian Podcast Awards in 2017. It is intended for everyone from first-time homebuyers to real estate professionals. Keenan also highlights things she enjoys and finds inspiring, such as books, vacation spots, furnishings, and other podcasts.