Before You Buy A Motorhome, Read This Guide

Before You Buy A Motorhome, Read This Guide

It’s romantic to be able to travel wherever the road leads you. It’s possible to own a motorhome, and take it on road trips around the country and abroad. However, it is important to be informed about the process of buying and owning one. It’s an expensive investment so make sure you have the right information to help you achieve your holiday goals.

This article will discuss the pros and cons to buying a new or used motorhome, as well as the accessories that you need for your motorhome. It also covers practicalities of living on the road with your motorhome.

What are the main differences between a motorhome or a campervan and a motorhome?

First, let’s address this commonly asked question. This is not a simple question. Motorhomes and campervans arevery distinct in terms of performance and space. A campervan offers a more stripped-down experience with almost all of the seating area being converted into a double bed. However, a motorhome has separate sleeping accommodations, including a toilet, shower, and kitchen.

In a motorhome, the driver’s area is separate from the living area. This is unlike a campervan, where the interior is one large area. It includes the driver’s compartment as well as the passenger seating-cum sleeping area. A campervan is a good option for a couple who are young and mobile. However, a motorhome can be a better choice for those with a larger family or who need more space.

How much does a motorhome cost?

This is because the value of used and sell my motorhome fast is so different. It makes it difficult to give a definitive answer. Let’s look at the different price ranges to see what motorhome owners typically get for their hard-earned money.

Motorhomes are typically priced at around $1,500

You might be surprised to learn that brand-new motorhomes can run as high as brick-and-mortar starter homes. A basic motorhome with two beds may be priced between PS45,000 and PS50,000.

For motorhomes that can comfortably accommodate four people or more, the price tag is upwards of PS100,000. Remember that the larger the motorhome you want to accommodate, the heavier it will be. We’ll discuss this later.

The average price of used motorhomes

You should have about PS20,000 to buy a second-hand motorhome. This will allow you to find a reliable, high-quality motorhome that has been well cared for by its previous owners. You can get a second-hand motorhome for as low as PS30,000 if you have the funds.

You can choose between new and used motorhomes

The pros and cons of buying a new motorhome

  • You can customize your motorhome to meet your specific needs. You can choose from different types of vehicle trim, including interior equipment and driving aids.
  • Motorhomes come with an engine with zero miles.
  • Motorhomes that are brand new will come with a lengthy warranty. This gives you valuable protection in the event of an unfortunate incident.
  • Some people simply love the shiny new look of a vehicle and the fresh, clean smell.

The pros and cons of purchasing used motorhomes

  • A second-hand motorhome is a great option if you’re not concerned about price.
  • Do not get too obsessed with mileage for used motorhomes. These engines are so reliable that it isn’t a problem. These miles were probably clocked in fifth gear on motorways.
  • Do not worry about the lack of a dealer warranty. Comprehensive motorhome insurance should cover reliability issues to get your vehicle back on its feet.

How much does the value of new motorhomes decrease?

Motorhomes are less expensive than a regular family car. Practical motorhome was compared to a road vehicle, which is more susceptible to depreciation. The BMW 520d would have cost PS34.795 to purchase new in 2014. It retained only 47% of its original value three years later. This is very good in car terms. This would be a huge loss for the motorhome market.

After three years, motorhomes typically retain 70% of their original value.

Which are the most affordable motorhome brands?

These vehicle manufacturers are the top mobile home brands among both new and old owners.


Since 1961, this UK manufacturer has made motorhomes from its Worcestershire base. These models are a speciality in motorhomes made by Peugeot and Mercedes. They offer impeccable interiors as well as high-end driver aids that can be used for long-distance travel.


Hymer is the leading German motorhome manufacturer. Its recreational vehicles are some of the most loved in Europe. The Hymermobil, which was produced since the 1970s, is the best-known.


Auto-Trail, another British manufacturer of motorhomes, offers luxurious recreational vehicles that are both innovative and comfortable for daily use.


Burstner, part of Erwin Hymer Group, delivers the best mobile homes for couples and families in the UK and continental Europe.


Concorde, Germany’s leading luxury motorhome manufacturer has been developing and designing high-quality mobile homes for over 35 years. Concorde’s motorhomes look more like the conventional RVs you might see on the open roads of North America.

What accessories are necessary for a motorhome or campervan?

You want to feel like you are at home while traveling in your motorhome. Use the following checklist to help you choose essential motorhome accessories.

Fold-up outdoor furniture

Ideal for enjoying the sunshine and the surrounding scenery. It is very useful to have fold-up furniture for easy storage.

Motorhome Awning

A motorhome awning, no matter how windy or wet, can also create much-needed outside space. These awnings can help prevent cabin fever from inside your motorhome.

Dash cam

These documents are extremely useful in recording long trips and any subsequent events, which can be used to provide evidence for your motorhome insurance provider.

Satellite TV

You can buy mini satellite dishes or aerials for your mobile home. For Sky TV in the UK, a 60cm dish will suffice. However, if you are travelling to mainland Europe, an 80cm dish might be more convenient.

Kitchen equipment

You will need plenty of plates, cups and cutlery to make sure you can enjoy your favorite food and drink while on the road.

Wi Fi booster

Do you want to stay in touch with your family and friends? You can make Skype or WhatsApp calls as simple as dialling a landline phone number by purchasing a Wi-Fi signal booster.

Portable barbecue

A portable barbecue is great for grilling meats, fish, and other fresh produce that you may find in the area.

Is a TV license required for a motorhome?

A TV licence is required to view or record television programs as they are being broadcast live, or streamed via an online service. A TV licence is required if the only TV you own is the one you use in your motorhome.

BBC made it mandatory to have a TV license in order to stream live programmes or download them via its iPlayer platform.

Register your TV license using the registration number from your mobile home.

What is the fuel efficiency of motorhomes?

Fuel efficiency is a major topic of discussion about motorhomes. Fuel consumption is an important aspect of your holiday budget. Below is an example of the average mileage per gallon based on different sizes of recreational vehicles.

  • Euro Motorhomes = 22-30mpg
  • Class C = 8-12 mpg
  • Class B = 10-to-25 mpg
  • Class A = 7-10 mpg

It is obvious that the higher the motorhome’s weight, the better the mileage. Other factors to consider include the terrain you will drive on, and whether you plan to tow any additional vehicles or accessories.

It is so easy to park a motorhome.

The UK has no legislation that makes it illegal to park your motorhome on the roadside. Parking overnight in car parks is a bit more complicated. Many car parks managed by local authorities prohibit the use of their parking lots for sleeping, cooking and camping.

It is always best to park your motorhome overnight at a’authorized stopovers ‘. This will allow you to socialize with other like-minded people.

Are you required to have a special driving license in order to drive a motorhome

A special driving license is not required if you plan to buy a motorhome weighing less than 7.5 tons and have passed your driving test before January 1997.

Your UK driving license will only allow you to drive motorhomes weighing less than 3.5 tons if you have passed your driving test since January 1997. Before motorhome insurance companies will grant you a license, you must pass an LGV driving test if you want to own a full-fledged RV.

How to understand speed limits and motorhomes

  • Mobile homes with a maximum unladen mass of 3.05 tonnes can travel up to 70 miles an hour via dual carriageways or motorways.
  • Mobile homes with a maximum unladen mass of 3.05 tonnes or more are not permitted to drive at 60 mph on motorways and dual carriageways.
  • When choosing the motorhome that you want, it is important to consider its size and weight. Also, decide if you are willing to travel slower in order to have more living space.

Is it expensive to service motorhomes?

It’s a good idea for you to budget between PS250-PS500 annually for your mobile home maintenance. Although it will cost you more to maintain and service a motorhome than a campervan or campervan, the peace of mind that comes with your journeys across Europe is well worth every penny.

You should also be aware that certain motorhome models can be more difficult to service than others. It can be more difficult for engineers to service recreational vehicles with A-class bodies. This results in higher labour costs.

Is there motorhome insurance?

A motorhome can be a wonderful way to live. It allows you to travel on unforgettable adventures, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Motorhomes are more than just a vehicle for sleeping. Motorhome insurance is a great way to protect your investment in your vacation and leisure time.

You will need to be covered for the unexpected no matter where you live in the UK, Europe, or anywhere else.

Many of the top motorhome insurance companies will offer unlimited coverage for UK motorhome owners to travel in all EU Member States. You should be covered for personal loss and have unlimited mileage coverage so you don’t feel restricted in your motorhome use.