The Best iOS Strategy and Sports Games

The Best iOS Strategy and Sports Games


Apple’s ability to control both the hardware and software of its phones is evident in the best iOS games. The iPhone has become a powerful gaming device thanks to its CPUs and GPUs, as well as the new iOS versions.

It’s easy to find the best iOS games thanks to their wide selection. Complex PC strategy games such as Sid Meier’s Civilization VI can now be enjoyed alongside more familiar mobile apps like Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds. You’ll also find touch inputs that are comparable to what you will get on other gaming platforms.

To find the best iOS games, you have to sort through many titles. We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best apps that you can download from the App store. We have avoided games that offer excessive cash shop features and other scourges in mobile gaming. Apple Arcade is Apple’s streaming gaming service that costs $5 per month. We’re also skipping it. This is not to suggest that you should avoid Apple Arcade. It’s an excellent service that complements the iOS experience to a T. We wanted to concentrate on games that any iPhone or iPad user can enjoy.

Some of our top iOS games are better when played with touch inputs while others work better with a controller. However, all of them could make you reach for your smartphone instead of the Nintendo Switch when you feel like playing a great portable game.

Best iOS Games: Strategy games

Strategy games are more than just about blasting everything. The challenge lies in devising the best strategy to defeat your opponent. You’ll find many iOS games that value your ability to plan.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Smartphones are now a viable gaming platform. A rich strategy game such as Sid Meier’s Civilization VI can be played on an iPhone just like it does on the PC. It’s actually better, because the touch controls often compliment the gameplay better than a keyboard and mouse.

The animations for the leaders are what you’re missing, but it’s only a small loss. It’s easier to enjoy the game on an iPad than on a PC.

Civilization VI can be started for free. However, after playing a few more turns, you will need to pay $9.99 for full access.

Hitman Go

Studio attempts to bring big franchises to mobile are often too close to their console gameplay, which can lead to a loss of some of the excitement on touchscreens. Square Enix wisely avoided this with Hitman Go and placed it on our top iOS games list.

The $4.99 strategy game shows each assassination scenario as a stylized diorama, with settings that range from parks to busy airports. It’s a great game, and even includes the distractions and disguises that make mainline games memorable.

Plague Inc.

Are you looking for a game that is timely? Plague Inc has been a time-setter for the past year and half.

This strategy game costs 99 cents. You can develop a disease, then spread it around the globe until all of humanity is dead. Plague Inc. was an already grim concept when Ndemic introduced it in 2012. Now, the update reflects the fact that false information can speed up the spread of viruses.


The XCOM games are isometric tactical games and were well-suited to be portable to the touch-based interfaces on the iPhone and iPad. Xcom. Enemy Unknown was a good app when it first appeared in the App Store in 2013. Xcom. Enemy Within adds excitement.

This $4.99 app features new enemy types and side mission. The latest version of Xcom is the best for those who want to combine tactical strategy with a great sci-fi story in one addictive package.

Lara Croft Go

Lara Croft Play doesn’t look much like Tomb Raider, but it still manages to have the same fun. Lara still explores tombs, but you are helping her choose which tiled route to use to avoid falling into traps or which obstacles she can remove with spears or other weapons.

Turn-based gaming is available for $4.99. You can take your time and play the game as you wish. If you get stuck, a built-in hint system will help.

Game of Thrones: Reigns

Reigns, the original game, was an amazing game. You played as a monarch and made key decisions by using a Tinder-like interface that allowed you to swipe left and right on cards listing your choices. Your standing in relation to different factions changed with each decision.

Reigns: Game of Thrones is based on the same plot, but it takes place in George R.R. Martin’s universe is more engaging because you can see how characters such as Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow would fare if placed on the Iron Throne.

The Best iOS Sports Games

With the iPhone’s touch screen and the many great sports apps available in the iOS App Store, the thrill of winning has never been closer. There are many great iOS games that offer everything, from hockey to baseball, as well as strategy and arcade-style games.

This game is available on both the iPhone and iPad. Football Manager lets you take control of your entire team. You’re responsible for assembling the team, crafting tactics, and leading them to glory.

Football Manager pulls players from 60 different leagues around the globe. This will please soccer fans. This is the game that you will want on your iPhone and iPad, as European leagues are about to start their new season.

Super Stickman Golf 3

No matter how many courses you have played, there is no place you have ever golfed that is as difficult as Super Stickman Golf 3. If you could just get your ball in the hole as quickly as possible, this challenging physics game would not be so difficult. Super Stickman Golf is so captivating because it offers multiple types of head-to-head competition, both turn-based and real-time race modes.

Super Stickman Golf 2.0 features 20 new courses, 35 characters, and lots of power-ups.

The best social games for iPhone and iPad are great to share with friends or family. You can play online, or gather together in one place.

Pokemon Go

It seems that Pokemon Go is the most popular smartphone game. It’s the only game that has an augmented reality component to it, despite continued efforts to make AR entertainment a reality.

While the basic gameplay of walking around the neighborhood to catch pokemon is the same, updates have added new features such as the ability to invite your friends to raids.

Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light was created by the same studio that brought us console wonders such as Journey and Flower. It should not be surprising that this new release is one of the most beautiful on the App Store.

Sky: Children of the Light has very few microtransactions. Most of the gameplay involves working with others to solve puzzles and send fallen constellations back where they belong. There is no voice or text chat, so you can feel a sense of peaceful cooperation.

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