Why Raid: Shadow Legends Is So Bad?

Why Raid: Shadow Legends Is So Bad?

YouTube has too many sponsored videos that repeat the slogan “Forget all you know about mobile gaming”

Plarium Games has created this cult-like chant to try and convince people that they can fundamentally alter reality by repeating hollowed words. Let’s face the facts: Raid: Shadow Legendscould never be mistaken for any type of entertainment if users completely forgot all about mobile gaming. Raid Shadow Legends, https://empyreanrule.com/raid-shadow-legends/promo-codes/, is the complete mobile gaming market sham. We aren’t afraid to say it loud and proud.

What is Raid? Shadow Legends.

Raid Shadow Legends is a freemium, turn-based RPG that allows you to collect hundreds of characters through a gacha system. The single-player mode has a predictable and mediocre story. While the game’s artistic presentation is quite good for a mobile game that’s also very accessible, it’s not the best.

From here, it’s all downhill.

The First Hit is Free

The illusion of choice can be confusing when you first start the game. Game Modes offer Campaign, Dungeons and Faction Wars as well as other options, though each one is extremely shallow. YouTube sponsors claim the game is ambitious and comparable to the most difficult PC games. However, the majority of the game can be set up to autoplay and set at double speed. This allows the player to avoid the tedious, repetitive task of Raid Shadow Legends.

The referral codes given by YouTube sponsors will provide players with the “gift” of resources to help them start the game. These resources can be used to boost your character beyond the initial requirements. This makes the first hour of gameplay feel effortless since there is no challenge.

The epitome of pay to win

Raid Shadow Legends constantly tries to get its players to spend real cash. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that it feels like you can transition from any screen to get a prompt to buy a Level 10 Pack or A Gem Pack, a Warrior Pack or many other real money purchases. Sometimes, this can go crazy and prompts pop up in multiple places, often right after the last one has closed. Worse, the developer has included a countdown clock on each prompt that is supposed to indicate that it is a limited-time offer. This is as if these parasites would ever refuse a player’s money.

We aren’t so ignorant as to say that a mobile game developer shouldn’t monetize their app. Or the business will soon go out of business. This being said, the videogame industry has seen some of the most manipulative and harmful monetization methods over the years. Raid Shadow Legends is one of the worst examples, as these purchases directly increase the power of your characters.

Do you find yourself stuck in a difficult dungeon? Don’t worry, you can always grind more gear. Use your Visa! You may need to buy more silver in order to equip a new weapon. Get your MasterCard! Do you feel dissatisfied by your Arena rank compared to other players’ teams and their credit cards? Spend more money or you’ll always be in the bottom ranks of “competitive”.

The problem isn’t that Raid Shadow Legends chases its users for money every minute, but that spending money is the only way that you can compete with other players. Fortnite raked in almost $2B in 2019, conferring no competitive edge to any of its users, so it’s not impossible.

It’s not the first, and it’s not the last

It’s simple to dump Raid Shadow Legends because the developer’s greedy is enormous and their sponsorship of YouTube content makers widespread. But they aren’t doing anything unique with their predatory model of monetization or their game. Marvel Strike Force is the closest to the monetization model in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Players are also forced to spend huge amounts of money on every screen in order to upgrade their Captain America or gear up their Yondu. These actions give rise to real benefits for both the Arena game mode as well as cooperative end-game raids. There is at least some sort of an end game in this game, which is more than what we can say about Raid Shadow Legends. But in essence, they both aim to take as much money from their users as possible.

Don’t Blame YouTubers: Be Vigilant

Mobile gaming is growing at a pace that is not expected. Mobile gaming revenues in 2019 exceeded individual gaming revenue for consoles and computer gaming. There is still profit to be made. It is up to the consumers to be critical of the endless internet propaganda and our favorite YouTube content creators.

It’s easy to point the finger at content creators who have spent money to promote raid: Shadow Legends,but this is not the right way to go. YouTube has been proving to be an increasingly challenging platform for content creators over the last year.

Reality is that anyone who uses sponsorship money to promote raid: Shadow Legends does so to keep the lights on. They always state that “This video was brought to you by …”,” or something similar. The same goes for podcasters who use Squarespace, MeUndies or Hello Fresh. It is unlikely that any of them are excited to play this terrible game. Dave Chappelle said that his favorite thing is always the one who paid him the most recently. It’s a wonderful coincidence.

There is always someone out there trying to get the consumer to part with their hard-earned money. With internd adds and sponsorship all around, consumers must look closely to see the real truth behind the glossy coating of paint.