How To Find The Best Subs For Better Sound Quality

How To Find The Best Subs For Better Sound Quality

Subs are used in audio systems to take the music that is fed through them and reproduce it much better than ordinary speakers could. It is not as easy as plugging them in and going “playing”. If you do not know how to properly setup your system you will be very frustrated with poor sound quality and that can ruin a good night’s rest. However, there is more to subs than just plugging them in. Knowing how to find the best subs for better sound quality will help you out immensely.

You will need to determine what type of subwoofer is needed. The bass is where all the sound is generated from and that is determined by the size of the speaker. An eight inch subwoofer will deliver more bass than a fifteeen inch subwoofer. A good bass will make any song or audio come alive and impress your listeners. Be sure to match the subwoofer with the appropriate type of amplifier that you have purchased.

You will have to experiment with the different kinds of subwoofers to see what types of sound are suited for you. You may want to use a system with more speakers so that you can hear the whole room and not just specific areas of the room. Also, experiment with different room conditions, like a bedroom, or outdoors. Find the best places for each subwoofer. Different rooms will require different subwoofers so be patient in listening to hear all the options. There is no one system that is the “one” because each person’s needs are different.

You will also need a subwoofer amp because the signal coming from the subwoofer goes through the amp to reach the stereo. If you are using large speakers it will use more power and therefore need a larger amp. You should always shop around with several different subwoofers to see which ones produce the best sound for you. They sound differently in different rooms. You should test them out at various positions to see what each one is capable of producing.

You should also experiment with the spacing of the speakers on your stereo. Sometimes adding a little extra space to a speaker will allow the sound to be amplified. Or, if you place your subwoofer too close to the wall it will cancel out the sound from the walls and the floor. Placing the subwoofer on the floor will result in an overly low subwoofer which results in dull sound. Keep in mind that an improperly placed subwoofer can also ruin your stereo.

The woofer is what produces the sound. Most stereo systems will include a subwoofer and many times they are located in the rear. However, you can also locate a subwoofer somewhere else on the stereo or in the front. Be sure to experiment with the placement to get the effect you want.

You can improve the quality of the sound produced by your speakers by putting some foam on the back of the woofer. This helps make the enclosure less efficient and can actually cut down on the amount of bass that reaches your ears. However, some people believe that it makes the sound too loud. If you don’t mind having loud sound coming through your speakers try placing the subwoofer further away from the listener.

Knowing how to find the best subs for bass is very easy once you have mastered the art of listening. Overeview summarize sonos subs experiment with the spacing and position of the speakers so that you can get the type of sound that you want. Remember to keep your subwoofer away from walls and other obstacles so that it can reproduce deep bass sounds.