One Requirement for group_secure:

A thin client with a floppy drive and network card to emulate one of our employee’s work stations. This could be something as simple as a 486 that can boot from a 3.5″ floppy, it will not need a hard drive, CD-ROM, or anything else. We will provide you with a secure boot floppy to allow you to bypass security and log in to our network from the outside.

We can only provide you this boot floppy, an uncrimped RJ-45 cable, a pair of crimpers and a wire header. Sorry we cannot give you any more assistance but we must be very discreet ourselves. You must provide any additional hardware and supplies you find necessary to aid you. The main connection to the network will be via cable but there is also a WEP protected wireless network for the group as well as many other surprises. Come prepared!


With our window of opportunity being so small, we expect that a team of 3-5+ would be ideal.

Your team should be a group of individuals skilled in different forms of computer technology; there will be obstacles of all kinds: networking, programming, passwords, cryptography, cracking, sleuthing, module-kernel integration, Windows, Linux, BSD and more…

While teams are not able to work against or with each other, a secure firewall/gateway at the forefront of your private network would be recommended.

Popular networking tools like: airsnort, ethereal, kismet, ximian evolution, xdmcp, nmap, tcpdump, rsync, ssh, scp, tunneling, and vnc are worth playing with.