Dining Sets For Better Looking Home

Dining Sets For Better Looking Home

When purchasing a new dining set, rather than purchasing individual parts, you can be confident that there will be no unattractive mismatching or finding yourself with a bench that doesn’t quite fit your table.

Our selection of the greatest dining sets will help you locate a piece that ideally complements your glass dining tables or kitchen diner, whether your taste is classic, retro, or contemporary. Use our guide to choose the best dining furniture to ensure that you make the right decision.

1. In a tiny space, use a sleek yet attractive dining set.

The Jakob dining set (opens in new tab) is a super-sleek set that will comfortably accommodate a group of four in a tiny kitchen design. Each chair is gently cushioned and covered in a functional grey fabric, with a hardened glass top to avoid sneaky scratches. Furniture Village charges £965.

2. In a rustic setting, choose a lime-washed finish.

The Camille dining set (opens in new tab) has been lime-washed to highlight the grain of the oak used. This is a fantastic family set for those rare occasions when you don’t want to eat in the kitchen or in front of the television.

3. Select a traditional table design that will endure a lifetime.

The Royal family’s large Scottish estate is likely to feature different furnishings, but this round six-seater dining table is undoubtedly attractive. The Balmoral set (opens in new tab) consists of traditional upholstered chairs and a solid mahogany table.

4. In a minimalist setting, choose furniture with clean lines.

This clean-lined Damara dining set (opens in new tab) is perfect for those envy-inducingly minimalist open-plan eating spaces (you know the ones). It seats four lucky clients – or six if you add two more chairs.

5. To make the most of your space, mix & match seating arrangements.

This pine Fenton dining set (opens in new tab) includes a table, chairs, and bench with some flexibility. Characterful knots and grain abound in the Fenton’s rough sawn finish, and at only £427 for the whole shebang, it’s looking like a bit of a steal right now.

6. Use a bright dining set to add color to a room.

The Fern grey gloss dining set (opens in new tab) is perfect for small, modern spaces. The grey gloss finish on the table goes with any color, and while we prefer yellow, the beech seats come in a variety of colors, including white, black, and blue.

7. Choose a table with a cement surface in an industrial style.

This cement-topped table and bench set (opens in new tab) will not only dress up your deck, but it will also offer a pleasingly industrial edge to a dining room – or fit right in an industrial-style kitchen. Increase the level of comfort with Arden seat pads, which are available separately.

8. Consider painting wood white for a Scandi look.

A large six dining chairs are included with the Lombardy dining table (opens in new tab). This traditional set, made of Welsh oak veneer, has been given a Scandi makeover with a coat of white paint and padded fabric seat pads.

9. In a limited location, choose benches that can be tucked out of the way.

Mango wood is used to make this Lomond table and two-bench set (opens in new tab), which features striking brass accents. It’s ideal for compact spaces because the benches tuck neatly under the table when not in use. You can fit up to eight people around the Lomond if you bring a couple of extra seats.

If you enjoy entertaining, choose an extendable table.

A smartly extendable table and four comfortable, easy-to-clean white chairs are included in the Jerry four-seater dining set (opens in new tab). What could be better for a growing family than this?