l u c i d i n t e r a c t i v e is a multinational leading-edge technology  group. Recently, two members of the board have noticed an attacks and sabotage on the group’s network. Valuable data has gone missing or been destroyed.

You have been hired by the two board members to find and implicate this hacker. You will have to sneak through l u c i d i n t e r a c t i v e network, uncovering clues, breaking passwords, and solving riddles to find the identity of the hacker. We have reason to believe that the hacker may be someone from the highest echelons of the group so your actions must be secret to everyone. You can expect very minimal assistance in your task, we can set you up with a low level employee account that has access to a minimal set of systems.

Your existence is to be top secret and therefore you cannot leave traces of your investigation on the network. Network Admins are on alert for the hacker and will behave accordingly if they detect unauthorized access to the network. You can also be sure the hacker will not allow himself to be found easily.

Popular tools and extensive documentation will be provided throughout the l u c i d i n t e r a c t i v e network, some in plain site, others hidden. Certain users will have access to different areas of the network but having multiple log-ins will come in handy if you are detected by a network admin and that log-in is compromised.

It is your task to sniff, search, and decode the secrets of l u c i d i n t e r a c t i v e network to find the identity of the internal hacker. The time frame we can give you is short, only 24 hours, so recruiting a crack team of eclectic individuals may help you succeed in your task.

Good luck.